A Repair Café is a meeting place where people work together, with the help of experienced repair people, to mend broken household items that they bring in.  The usual items are electrical appliances, furniture, clothing, toys, or just about anything that you can carry in by yourself.  There is no cost, but also no guarantee that your item can be fixed there.  You will be expected to participate in the repair or learn how to repair it on your own at home.  The emphasis is on community-building, keeping well-loved useful items out of the landfill, and learning how to make repairs on your own.

Hooray for Vashon!

Thanks to all of you for another successful Fix-It Café on Vashon Island!

Through our collaborative efforts of advice-giving and fixing we diverted 896 pounds of stuff from the landfill! We actually fixed 82 items, gave advice to owners of 24 items and declared 5 items totally unfixable. Among the things we looked at were 14 lamps, 9 pieces of furniture, 7 sewing machines, 5 toasters, 5 vacuums, 3 turntables and 17 items requiring the attention of our menders and sewers! Some of the more interesting items were a robotic vacuum, an electric fireplace and an electric rat-trap. Many thanks to Vashon Eagles Aerie #1433 for hosting this wonderful community event.

Bring items small enough to be easily carried in by one person. Do not bring any items that are leaking, dangerous, contain gasoline, or have a strong odor. You must be present while your item is being fixed so you can learn too. Free to public.


Need something fixed?  Tired of adding to the landfill? We’re ready to help you fix it! You must be registered to participate.
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Fix-It Cafe has gone virtual!